Springfield XD 40 Review

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Springfield XD 40

The rugged reliability and ergonomic design of the Springfield XD 40 offers shooters a lightweight and great alternative to similar 40 caliber handguns.

The XD 40 is a striker fired semi-automatic 40 caliber pistol with a short recoil-operated locked breech. The XD chambers every round behind a 4" cold hammer-forged Melonite finished stainless steel barrel - housed inside an ultra-high-impact polymer frame.

When pressed, the DAO (Double Action Only) trigger breaks clean around 6 lbs., sending the polymer frame smoothly riding back over an "oversized", heat-treated, and fully machined slide rails. This re-cocks the striker via the fully supported Melonite finished steel ramp and the dual tension recoil spring system - readying the gun for battery.

The frame has been further reinforced with stainless steel inserts - significantly reducing the weight that is used by the safety mechanisms like the chamber indicator and the cocking indicator.

Thanks to the build and the ergonomics, the XD 40 lacks the recoil punch expected of a 40 caliber pistol. Furthermore, the slim and robust design reduces duding and when coupled with the short recoil riding on a captive dual spring, it allows consistent feeding and ejection of cartridges from the magazine. Add to this XD's true ambidextrous magazine release, and the shooter can remain on battery for hours on end.

Weighing at 29 ounces, slightly more than the comparable Glock at only 20 ounces, the XD 40 offers a point and shoot design. The 3-dot dovetailed sights allow easy acquisition of target while their low, snag-free design allows fast deployment of the firearm both from pocket or holster. Add to this the natural pointing angle of the gun, and you have a sharpshooter ready for battery at a second's notice.

The Springfield XD 40 offers a point and shoot snag free and ergonomic design. The slim slides and the snag free design of the safety mechanisms such as the loaded chamber and striker indicators, slide release, and ambidextrous magazine release allows easy deployment of the pistol.

The 1911 tactical Picatinny rail has a snag free design that allows fast deployment of tactical light and other accessories without hindering easy and fast deployment of the firearm.

The polymer grips do not have any harsh serrations like the Glocks but the contoured pattern lets them fit well in the hand, making the pistol feel like a natural extension of your arm.

Springfield Armory has packed in several safety features for its extreme duty firearm series, and the XD 40 has not been left behind in any way. To being with, all internal critical parts have been forged/machined from billet only. This allows extended deployment of the firearm without any feeding/ejecting failures.

The safety features include striker status and loaded chamber indicators that allow the shooter to verify the status of the striker and the round in the chamber visually and by touch.

The propriety USA (Ultra Safety Assurance) trigger system, coupled with the grip safety trigger, prevents accidental discharge of the firearm by demanding a firm grip and complete break of the trigger.

Model: XD 40 4.5"
Action: DAO
Caliber: 40
Overall Length: 7.30"
Overall Height: 5.50"
Overall Width: 1.20"
Barrel Length: 4.50"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 12 + 1
Weight: 30.00 oz.