Ruger SR40 Review

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Ruger SR40

The Ruger SR40 is a follow up to the popular Ruger SR9 in the SR series of handguns brought to you by Ruger. Its weight is approximately 27 ounces with an empty magazine. However, loading it with 15 rounds only increases it to about 36 ounces. The length of the barrel is around 4.1 inches, designed with six grooves and 1:16 right hand twist. The finishing of the slides utilizes either a brushed stainless steel or black nitride, which gives it an attractive look whatever your preference.

The Ruger SR40 is a competition gun and therefore, its trigger is one of the most important components that reflect its performance. The trigger is astoundingly impressive for a polymer pistol. It is just about 6 pounds, designed with an amazingly positive reset, with just a bit of pre-travel. The overall feel of the trigger is smoother and much lighter than even the most popular ones in this regard, such as Gen4 Glock.

While it is well equipped with safety features, after a few hundred rounds, it gets slightly bothersome for the thumb. The flat loaded-chamber sticks up when the round is loaded in the chamber, which also makes the pistol safe to use. It is placed on the top of the slide, on the rear side of the ejection port. However, there was no need of such safety features just like most other DAO pistols, where the safety is incorporated internally.

All SR series guns by Ruger boast excellent ergonomics. It fits comfortably in the hand because of its low bore axis, and the aggressive serrations, providing a good grip in terms of both angle and width. The sights are similar to the other series products such as SR9 and SR9c, featuring 3-dots and the typical rounded profile. Amongst the external safety features is the ambidextrous thumb safety. It is easy-to-use and disengaging and engaging the Ruger SR40 is effortless.

The reversible back strap is also one of its impressive features. It originally consists of an arched-out side; however, it can be customized according to your taste, to give you a flat back strap. This requires you to carry out simple steps that take only a few seconds, including pushing out a little pin and then reinstalling the back strap after turning it over.

The usage of the magazine is also slick and designed for convenience. It includes an ambidextrous magazine release and the launch of the magazine out of the grip is also smooth. Furthermore, the insertion of the magazine is also trouble-free. Initially, the gun comes with two 15-round magazines in a hard plastic casing. The Ruger SR40 also incorporates a magazine disconnect system that prevents firing if the magazine is removed. This feature makes the gun snap but not fire without the magazine.

Ruger SR40 also stands out in locking and unlocking the barrel, this unique link-less system is an improvement from other pistols in the Ruger P-series. Furthermore, quick and easy movement of the slide fore and aft makes its usage very convenient for an amateur owner.

Model: SR40
Action: DAO
Caliber: 40
Overall Length: 7.50"
Overall Height: 5.52"
Overall Width: 1.27"
Barrel Length: 4.14"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 15 + 1
Weight: 27.25 oz.