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Kahr PM40

The Kahr PM40 is a double action only (DAO) 40 caliber pistol, which is built to serve the purpose of an ultra-compact pistol. Its finishing utilizes polymer, which gives an impressive matte look, bordering on satin. The easy-to-use trigger pull is an added advantage, considering the compactness of the gun.

The dimensions of Kahr PM40 include 5.35 inches of length, and only 0.94 inches of thickness. Its weight approximates to only 17 ounces without a magazine. Kahr PM40 comprises of a polygonal rifling barrel and promises great accuracy. The barrel is constructed with an additional feature of being crowned. The extra designing features of the thin leather do not add bulk to the pistol. It also consists of a reinforced mouth, which makes it comparatively easy to reholster.

Whether you are thinking of keeping it in your relaxing denims or under a shirt, the Kahr PM40 works best as a concealed carry. If you are looking for a concealed carry, you have to compromise on the handling features up to a certain extent. However, compared to an average pistol, Kahr PM40 offers intelligent fabrication for an impressive concealed carry. Overall, it is approximately 31% shorter in length, 1.25 inches shorter in barrel length and about 0.85 lbs. lighter in contrast to the specifications of an average pistol.

Kahr PM40 offers a variety of sight options that make them quite easy to use for follow-up targets. It consists of adjustable tritium night sights, and adjustable white bar-dot combat sights. It is also loaded with the latest feature of Crimson Trace laser sight. The front sight shows a white dot, and the rear sight consists of a white vertical line just below the notch. The Kahr PM40 is known to produce the highest velocity and muzzle energy in the series of Kahr products.

The Kahr PM40 provides an option of a 5 round magazines, which can be increased to 6-rounds that extend to approximately a width of a finger below the grip. The 6-rounder comes with an additional feature of a large footplate. It is made of polymer and fills the gap between the bottom of the magazine, and the bottom of the pistol's grip.

One of the most appealing features of Kahr PM40 is its user-friendly construction. Fieldstripping is easy and quick. The slide is first moved rearward, to match the marks on the slide. After this alignment, the slide stop tab matches with the cutout in the slide; this allows the tab to be pushed out to the left. Pressing the trigger detaches the top end from the frame.

According to suggestions from Kahr, you should put around 200 rounds to break it in. Despite its lightweight, the pistol does not produce overwhelming recoil or anything that may hurt your hand and make it jump out of your fingers. At their widest, the shot groupings are known to be about 3.5 inches for a distance of 25 yards. This is an impressive performance for a short-barreled gun.

Model: PM40
Action: DAO
Caliber: 40
Overall Length: 5.35"
Overall Height: 4.00"
Overall Width: 0.94"
Barrel Length: 3.10"
Sights: 3-Dot
Capacity: 5 + 1
Weight: 15.80 oz.